mercredi 27 janvier 2010


KiD CuDi a film produced and directed by Jason Goldwatch. Be carful for the next release of Cudder's album "Cudder and the Revolution Of Revolution"

Findin'Forever TheKidsMoon

mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Make it all around the world. Peace

Freedom - Clipse

Findin'Forever TheKidsMoon

dimanche 17 janvier 2010

Smack Down !

Skateboard P feat Weezy. Enjoy
Findin'Forever TheKidsMoon

jeudi 7 janvier 2010

Merry Christmas FreEP - Free Throws

Sorry guys for the late post but we've started to work. That's hard yes i know lol. But don't worry TheKidsMoon're still on tha place


New dope vids: On Fire - Lil Wayne

Findin'Forever TheKidsMoon